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12 Best Subtitle Editors for Mac and Windows [Free Download] new

Everyone knows how essential subtitles are while watching a movie or even a YouTube video, especially when you are not familiar with the language being used by the performers.

Subtitles are the transcripted texts that are written at the bottom of videos (in our preferred language) to make it convenient for us to understand what are people in the video are talking about. It can be added on Movie, Video, GIF or meme.

But this only helps if the subtitles are visible to us displayed in the perfect colors, fonts, and styles.

This is why subtitle editors are used to creating flawless subtitle videos to make sure that the audience clearly understands every single word.

Moreover, using subtitle editors makes the text look more appealing to the viewers and ultimately results in keeping the audience more engaged in the video.

Let us have a look at the 12 best subtitle editors that are both recommended for Mac as well as Windows users.

Below are the 12 best subtitle editors on Mac and Windows. Check it out.

  1. Aegisub
  2. Jubler Subtitle Εditor
  3. Open Subtitle Editor
  4. Video Pad Video Editor
  5. Final Cut Pro X
  6. Sub Magic
  7. Subtitle Edit Pro
  8. Adobe Premiere Pro
  9. Subtitle Workshop
  10. Power Director
  11. Video Studio Pro
  12. VEGAS Pro 17

Part 1: Best Subtitle Editor for Mac

1. Aegisub

Aegisub is a convenient editor featured with modern technologies to edit your files in the best way.


  • It does not require any charges to be paid.
  • This Editor allows you to create and modify your subtitles.
  • You can also style your subtitles using this Editor.

Aegisub subtitle editor

Image credit: Aegisub

2. Jubler Subtitle Εditor

Features Jubler subtitle editor is a perfect tool that is used to edit text-based subtitles. It can create new subtitles as well as recreate previous ones. One may either preview the subtitles in realtime or in design time.


  • It supports various formats, including Substation Alpha, Advanced Substation, SubRip, and many others.
  • Specific styles are supported per subtitle or character.
  • It graphically displays the subtitles that you can quickly move and resize.

Jubler Subtitle Εditor

Image credit: Jubler Subtitle Εditor

3. Open Subtitle Editor

Open Subtitle Editor is an editor featured with multiple editing services. Every day new features are added to the list for better efficiency of the tool.


  • It is facilitated with translation features.
  • You can either add or remove a subtitle using this tool.
  • It allows you to create new subtitles for any type of video file.

Open Subtitle Editor

Image credit: Open Subtitle Editor

4. Video Pad Video Editor

Video Pad Video Editor is exclusively beneficial for those who want to create professional videos. It has many features that enable you to create videos in very less time.


  • Using this Editor, you can easily create videos for YouTube, DBVD, HD, etc.
  • This tool supports a wide range of well-known formats.
  • It has more than 50 visual and transition effects that result in better editing of your videos.

Video Pad Video Editor

Image credit: Video Pad Video Editor

5. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro has gained the trust of many users throughout the globe because it is considered to produce the fastest results. Moreover, it is known as the best subtitle editor for Mac.


  • It is speedy to use and ends in fast editing results.
  • Metal usage enhances its performance and graphics.
  • This Editor shows the best results when used on the fastest Mac that is a new Mac pro.

Final Cut Pro X to edit subtitles

Image credit: Final Cut Pro X

6. Sub Magic

SubMagic has various functions that help in better editing of subtitle files. It can convert your subtitle files into any of your chosen formats. Moreover, it also points out the errors present in your file.


  • It allows you to easily correct and edits any subtitles.
  • You can opt for separately editing the text lines present in a subtitle.
  • It allows you to synchronize the subtitles with movies.

Sub Magic editor

Image credit: Sub Magic

7. Subtitle Edit Pro

Subtitle Edit Pro is the most complete and easy to use Editor that allows users to create and edit the subtitles and also time code.


  • It is supported by commonly used formats, including MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, etc. and also audio formats.
  • You can easily merge or split any two subtitles.
  • You can jump by clicking on the time code and move time code forward or backward using arrow keys.

Subtitle Edit Pro

Image credit: Subtitle Edit Pro

Part 2: Best Subtitle Editor for Windows

8. Adobe Premiere Pro

You can easily edit and review PDF files using Adobe Premiere Pro Editor. Moreover, it also allows you to sign and send your documents.


  • This Editor provides you with the most creative services to edit your files exactly as per your imaginations.
  • It also contains cutting-edge photography tools for easy editing and storing your files.
  • You can also share your files using this Editor.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Image credit: Adobe

9. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is considered as the best subtitle editor for Windows. It is featured with modern technology to lower down the editing time and give fast outputs.


  • This Editor supports all the necessary subtitle formats.
  • You can easily create, edit, and convert your files using this Editor, which has advanced features and excellent stability.
  • You can find services related to both audio and video files on this Editor.

Subtitle Workshop

Image credit: Subtitle Workshop

10. Power Director

This Editor is most suitable for YouTubers, Instagrammers, bloggers, and other social media users.

The reason is that it provides you with the best services to edit your videos.


  • You can add customized shape objects to your videos.
  • It provides unique motion graphics along with animated titles.
  • You can choose to show titles in specific parts of your videos.

Power Director

Image credit: Power Director

11. Video Studio Pro

Video Studio Pro is an award-winning video editing software that allows its users to produce creative movies using its advanced tools.


  • You can easily turn an image into animation by following just simple steps.
  • This software is cost-effective and saves you money.
  • You can easily edit your videos using this Editor.

Video Studio Pro

Image credit: Video Studio Pro

12. VEGAS Pro 17

Vegas Pro 17 is an easy to use Editor and allows the users to edit their videos using smart and creative tools.


  • A video stabilization feature supports this Editor.
  • You can use the smart split edit feature to choose what you want to keep in the video and whatnot.
  • It is also supported by an automatic slideshow creator to create perfect slideshows.

VEGAS Pro 17

Image credit: VEGAS


The 12 best subtitle editors for Mac and windows mentioned above have all been discussed briefly to let you know the basic features of theses editors. Go through the details of these editors and opt for the one that suits you the best.

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