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10 Best Websites to Download Friends Series Subtitles Season 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Friends, as a classic sitcom series has been popular for many years, though the last season has more than ten years from release.

The six characters have accompanied us from 1994 to 2004, bringing us joy and happiness. Till today, we can still see many people want to watch Friends with subtitles every day no matter to pass the time or learn English.

What if you can’t find Friends series with subtitles? In this article, we will let you know 10 websites to free download Friends series subtitles from season 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 to 10.

Part 1:10 Seasons of Friends Subtitle (Full Length)

Here is a list of 10 best websites to download Friends series subtitles. Have a look. After downloading Friedns subtitles, you can also edit subtitles on Mac/Windows/Online.

Below is a comparison table of Friends series for a quick look.

NumberFriends SeriesSupported LanguageSubtitle FormatFree Download
#1Friends Season 1 Subtitles – SUBDLEnglish/Spanish/French….srt/.subY
#2Friends Season 2 Subtitles – Addic7edEnglish/Portuguese.srtY
#3Friends Season 3 Subtitles – TVsubtitles.netEnglish/Greek/Polish….srtY
#4Friends Season 4 Subtitles – Subtitle GalaxyEnglish.srtY
#5Friends Season 5 Subtitles – Subs4seriesOnly Greek.srtY
#6Friends Season 6 Subtitles – Subs4MeBulgarian/Swedish/Turkish….srt/.rtY
#7Friends Season 7 Subtitles – Open SubtitlesChinese/Croatian/English….srtY
#8Friends Season 8 Subtitles – TVsubsEnligh/Germen/Greek.srtY
#9Friends Season 9 Subtitles – SubsceneArabic/Vietnamese.srt/.ssfY
#10Friends Season 10 Subtitles – Subtitles.hrSerbian.srtY

1. Friends Season 1 Subtitles – SUBDL

SUBDL is a website that you can download movies and TV series subtitles. The interface is clean and simple to use. SUBDL owns a powerful and resourceful database. You can easily find Friends season 1 subtitles from its database. Just input Friends and search. It offers various subtitles types including BluRay and HD. You can find more than 50 languages to free download. By the way, you can also join $10/year VIP to get more subtitles if you like.


  • All language will be listed after searching, and you can filter English to find subtitles quickly
  • Friends English subtitles can be downloaded as a zip file
  • Most popular subtitles format is .srt

friends season 1 subtitles subdl

Image credit: SubDb

You can also watch Friends season 1 with subtitles if you want to save time. It includes complete 24 episodes in HD. No missing lines. The best part is you don’t need to be a prime video member to watch it.  So convenient. This prime video is rated 4.7 out of 5!

Now enjoy the Friends first season easily!

2. Friends Season 2 Subtitles – Addic7ed

Addic7ed will let you download various version of Friends season 2 subtitles, so you can go to this website if you are looking for many choices. You need to download the whole season with different episodes one by one. If you want to comment, you can leave a message to express you like it or not. It is a great function to determine whether you download season 2 subtitles.


  • A drop list will show all episodes, so you don’t need to go back
  • This website is free of ads

friends season 2 subtitles addic7ed

Image credit: Addic7ed

3. Friends Season 3 Subtitles -TVsubtitles.net

TVsubtitles.net offers 7 Friends languages to download. You can check each episode of season 3 to choose the one you want to have. You can look at the release date, author, and the download times to evaluate which season 3 subtitle is the best. Unfortunately, you can’t choose HD or 1080p to select subtitles. TVsubtitles.net also have other popular TV show and series subtitles, but not have movies.


  • You can upload subtitles to this site freely
  • You can find popular, new and top subtitles to download

friends season 3 subtitles tvsubtitles

Image credit: TVsubtitles.net

4. Friends Season 4 Subtitles – Subtitle Galaxy

Subtitle Galaxy is a blog for downloading Friends subtitles. You can choose season 4 from a list and open a new page. Then choose one episode to start downloading a .sub file. The download page of Friends season 4 subtitles is in DropBox. It is safe to use. You can directly download subtitles to your PC.


  • The interface doesn’t have too many kinds of stuff as it is a personal blog
  • The subtitles can be used to embed videos directly


Image credit: Subtitle Galaxy

5. Friends Season 5 Subtitles – Subs4series

You can easily download Friends season 5 subtitles in Subs4series. The downloaded file is zip, so you need to unzip it first. You can see how many times a subtitle is taken at the right. Subs4series has so many subtitles for multi-languages, so you can find almost rare language on this website, which also include Friends.


  • You can search series and movie to get the result each
  • The popular tag can be clicked if you don’t know which movie to search
  • You can also upload your own Friends subtitles if you have

friends season 5 subtitles subs4series

Image credit: Subs4series

6. Friends Season 6 Subtitles – Netraptor Subtitles

You can easily find Friends season 6 subtitles in Netraptor Subtitles. Each episode will be listed at the result clearly. You can download different languages from English to Vietnamese.

You can also find a chart showing subtitle’s words distributed per minute. The download blue button is at the corner. Besides, you can see how many downloads Friends have.


  • The subtitles are BluRay and 720p
  • You can share subtitle to Facebook, Twitter and more

friends season 6 subtitles subs4meImage credit: Subs4Me

Image credit: Subs4Me

7. Friends Season 7 Subtitles – Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles offers each episode for you to download. You can check the movie rater, director, and cast for your reference. The file format is .srt. For HD subtitles, you can find a symbol behind the download link. For hearing impaired, you can also find the right one. More than 100 Friends languages you can download so that this site can meet your needs in every way.


  • At the right sidebar, annoying ads are shown, but it won’t affect anything
  • You can also watch the full season online

open subtitles

Image credit: Open Subtitles

8. Friends Season 8 Subtitles – TVsubs

For season 8, you can download subtitles at TVsubs. If you are worried about the safety of downloading subtitles, come to TVsubs to have Friends season 8 subtitles. We can say it is totally free and safe to use without viruses. This website offers three languages for Friends, including English, Germen and Greek. After you click the download link, you will have more than one result normally. Just choose the best you think according to the rating.


  • For one thing you need to know is you shouldn’t click some download button as it is ads
  • The real download link is the anchor text Download subtitles after you select the episode


Image credit: TVsubs

9. Friends Season 9 Subtitles – Subscene

Subscene is another website to download Friends season 2 subtitles. You can find English subtitles by searching for Friends. After clicking the download link, a new page will appear with download button. Then a zip file will be saved. The whole process can be done within 1 minute, which is smooth and safe. All subtitles are uploaded by users so that you can find the mention of their names at the right side. You can also follow Subscene’s Twitter to get the latest news about subtitles.


  • Subscene is thoughtful for those who are hearing Impaired by offering a specific choice
  • Friends subtitles can be downloaded with many languages like Dutch, English and more


Image credit: Subscene

10. Friends Season 10 Subtitles – Subtitles.hr

If you want to download Friends season 10 subtitles as a whole, you can go to Subtitles.hr, but if you want to have each episode one by one, this websites won’t give you a solution. You need to click Download FRIENDS – SEZONA 10 Serbian subtitles to enter into the downloading process. So easy!


  • You can’t upload subtitles file
  • Except for English, there are other languages to download Friends


Image credit: Subtitles.hr

Part 2: Friends Subtitles for All Seasons Download

Friends English Subtitles – WTF Detective

Friends remains one of the most loved and well-known Television Series of all time. It really has a lot to offer in terms of comedy, romance and story; truly something for everyone.
Its fast paced sequences however can make it pretty hard to grab the dialogue. Imagine trying to keep up with Chandler’s sarcasm, watching his hilarious gestures, and hearing all the words.
That’s where subtitles come in.

Now you can know exactly what the Friends are saying, and how many times they say it, for comedic effect. You can download Friends subtitles from wtfdetective website. All the season’s subtitles are available on the site, and it is very easy to use and download.


  • Complete Series subtitles
  • Free to use
  • Easy to download

Part 3: How Can I Download Friends Subtitles

First off, I’m a huge fan of Friends, and I enjoyed every season of it. But I do where you’re coming from. Sometimes it can get a bit hard to keep up with the dialogue. And to solve that, I downloaded Subtitles online, and you can too.

There are a host of websites where you can get the full Subtitles from, some of them included above.

Part 4: How Can I Put Subtitles On a Video

If your media player of choice has a subtitle menu, you can add subtitles to any video played. Just follow the easy steps.

  1. Extract the media subtitle file you’ve chosen after you’ve downloaded it.
  2. Load your video file and pick Add Subtitle File from the Subtitles menu after it has been removed.
  3. After clicking Open, go back to the Subtitle menu header, pick Sub Track, and then the track you want to use. You can load and turn between as many subtitle tracks as you like. It’s useful for some movie files, especially those in the MKV format, which includes a lot of subtitles in different languages.
  4. Finally, the dialogue should appear after the file has loaded.

However, you can skip a move by using the app’s built-in subtitle search and download function. Some will find subtitles automatically based on the filename of your media.


Above is the list of the 10 best websites to download Friends series subtitles. Do you like it or not, leave a comment to let us know.

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