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7 Best Subtitle Downloader Software for Windows/Mac/Online (Free Download) new

If you are a language learner, you might want to download subtitles that are essential for you in a video. The benefit is that you can write useful words and sentences from the subtitle. Besides, you can also download subtitles from YouTube. For those with hearing impairment people, subtitles can help them understand the plot and the conversion of characters. You can also edit subtitles easily. All in all, it is recommended to download subtitles for videos.

In this case, you will need subtitle downloader software which can be used to get subtitles for you easily. Basically, you just import the movie or video, and then these subtitle downloader applications can find the best choices for you. We can bet this way will save you a lot of time.

There is so much subtitle downloader software on the market. In this article, we will let you know where to find the 7 best subtitle downloader software on Windows/Mac/online. Continue reading to find more information.

Below is the list of 7 free-to-use subtitle downloader software on Windows, Mac, and Online. Check it out.

NumberSubtitle Downloader SoftwareSystem RequirementSupported FormatsAuto Subtitle DownloadingFree to Use
#1SubDownloaderWindows/LinuxMKV, MP4, AVI…YesYes
#2SubiTWindows/Mac/LinuxMOV, MP4…NoYes
#4SublightWindows 7/8/10AVI, MP4…YesYes
#5Subtitles FinderWindows/PhoneMKV, MOV…NoYes
#6Open Subtitles FlixToolsMacAVI, MP4…YesNo
#7VidPaw Subtitle DownloaderOnlineMKV, MP4…NoYes

Part 1: Best Subtitle Downloader for Windows

1 SubDownloader

This subtitle downloader software can be used fast and easily. The best part of it is you can download subtitles for videos automatically without any extra manual operation. You just need to click Search Subtitles, it will be matching various options for you. The good news is it supports more than 50 languages at a time.

Well, the other thing you need to know is you can’t customize the searching process, which means, you only can get what is offered. Overall, it is the best free download subtitle downloader.


Image credit: SubDownloader

2 SubiT

SubiT is a free-to-use subtitle downloader on Windows and Linux. To start downloading subtitles, you can enter the video name or just drag videos directly to this program. It is simple to use with straight UI design. SubiT supports almost all popular video formats like MKV, MP4, and MOV.

It is virus-free and safe to use that is reviewed by Softpedia, so just have a try to help you download video subtitles.

subit subtitle donwloader software

Image credit: SubiT

3 Subchan

Subchan is developed by Semicolon. You can free download this subtitle downloader software from a .exe file. You just need to unzip the download file and install it. So, how to use it to download subtitles for your video?

The process is extremely simple. Just right-click on your video file and choose Subchan. Then it can search subtitles automatically for you. Now, you can select your favorite subtitles to use. For now, Subchan only supports English subtitles. Multilingual subtitles will come out soon.


Image credit: Subchan

4 Sublight

We must say Sublight is versatile subtitle downloader software. You can customize your UI language with various options at first. Then you can also select the manual mode or auto mode easily.

For manual mode, you can choose the video type. For auto mode, you just need to type into the name of the video. Then Sublight will search subtitles quickly. For the results, you can also filter them with the options of language, rate, and more. Besides, you can also import your subtitles and make them in public.

All in all, you can use it if you want to have more control of subtitles.


Image credit: Sublight

5 Subtitles Finder

The last one we would like to recommend is Subtitles Finder from Microsoft. It is safe to use without a virus. The file is really tiny with around 18 MB. It can search subtitles for you automatically. After you find the one you like, you need to download them with one click. It supports more than 40 subtitle languages.

You can also manage subtitles for your various subtitle files. So you can use any file next time when you have the same needs. This subtitle downloader software is a great choice if your demands are simple to realize. However, it only supports Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher.

subtitles finder

Image credit: Subtitles Finder

Part 2: Best Subtitle Downloader Software for Mac

6 Open Subtitles FlixTools

Open Subtitles FlixTools is a powerful subtitle downloader as it searches the results for you from the open subtitles database. There are millions of options to choose from, so basically, you can find any movies you like. One feature called multi download can save you a lot of time because you don’t need to find subtitles one by one.

One thoughtful of these tools is it can sync the timing of subtitles to your movie quickly. The support service is fast. You can get help from different time zone. It only supports Mac OS.

open subtitles flixtools

Image credit: Open Subtitles FlixTools

Part 3: Best Subtitle Downloader Software Online

7 VidPaw Subtitle Downloader

Almost any video, VidPaw subtitle downloader can analyze it and find the difference.srt files to match your video. However, it doesn’t support downloading music video subtitles sadly.

More than YouTube, you can also download subtitles from Facebook to Dailymotion. it is so easy to use. As a subtitle downloader software, you can also get it from Android if you like to download subtitles on mobile.

VidPaw subtitle downloader software

Image credit: VidPaw Subtitle Downloader


Above all, we have listed the 7 best subtitle downloader software for you to choose. Which one do you like to have a try? If you haven’t decided which one to use, the best solution is to think about your real requirements and then try one or two downloaders. Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite tool.

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